Friday, March 4, 2011

Abyss Skull Scarf

For your humble consideration a lovely spook-tacular skull scarf. Made of the softest alpaca yarn the color of the dismal abyss and blackest of night.

 Visit my Etsy shop to view more pictures or purchase my Abyss Skull Scarf.


  1. I love *all* these skulls scarves! There's one I've been leaning toward, but this one makes my decision tougher! That "bone" colored one in your Etsy shop- is it more white or more tan? Oh, and congrats on your win over on Mr. Macabre's blog!

  2. Sorry, I mean "driftwood" color! Gee, where did I get "bone" from? Now let's think :) Anyway, the one with zinnias.

  3. The color is a strange one to's kind of a gray-ish tan.
    Thanks for the congrats on the win. I can't wait to get my zombie shirt. I love Mr. Macabre's blog it's one of my favorites, especially around Halloween time.

  4. That is one cool looking skull scarf! Great idea posing the skeleton wearing it! ;)