Monday, June 13, 2011

My Pretty Zombie

Look out Cover Girl! My Pretty Zombie is gonna eat your BRAINS! 

Mrs. Evils is the lovely proprietor of the fabulous etsy shop My Pretty Zombie. She makes beautiful mineral eye shadows with names like Unicorn Pee, Rabies, and Gangrenous. I seriously love her eye shadows. The colors are amazing and they last all day long. It's all I wear now. 

 Mrs. Evils recently came up with a new color named after me Wicked Crochet! It's a gorgeous dusty purple with tons of green glitter. (Yes enough glitter to make you puke!)

So I thought I would do another give away. You could win a sample of Mrs. Evils Wicked Crochet eye shadow. There is a ton in this little bag.

What you need to do to win it before you can buy it is like My Pretty Zombie on Facebook and if you haven't yet like Wicked Crochet on Facebook. Last leave a comment here on my blog. (You MUST leave a comment here to win. I will need a way to get in touch with you email is great.) Don't forget to check out My Pretty Zombie on Etsy to see all of her amazing eye shadows! Good luck and I will be drawing a name (or names depending on how generous I feel!) next Monday June 20th.


  1. Love that you have make up named after your crochet site. <3 Thanks for having another awesome giveaway!

  2. So? I named my theme park after you.
    Just kidding- I think that's awesome and a wonderful compliment to you! And so appropriate- Green and purple ARE your colors.
    I "liked" everyone concerned.

  3. Hmmm, sudden thought: wondering if My Pretty Zombie will call their next one "Wicked Crochet Pee".
    Probably not.

  4. <3 Love your site(s) and liked all the pages~ :)

  5. Love this color! Crazy, bad ass! BTW, had no idea you had a Facebook! I have now officially "liked" you :D


  6. Good luck everybody!
    Amber Thanx :)
    Candice this color would look amazing with your red hair!!
    Pumpkin now following your blog!

    Tell your friends!!!!

  7. Glückwunsch! / Congratulations!
    Your own special Eyeshadow! Awesome. I´ll have a shot of Jägermeister to your health ;-) (Tomorrow...)

  8. I love your crochet page and I just got done checking out MY PRETTY ZOMBIE..awsome...and I love glitter, and I love playing with eye shadows now.... and I love winning !
    Angel Kragness