Sunday, August 28, 2011

I Was Abducted by Aliens. (Or what I have been up to)

Yet again I am admitting to being a bad blogger. But I do have a few pretty good excuses for my long absence from the internetty world.

I was totally abducted by these crochet aliens by Patricia Waller.
It really wasn't as bad as you might think because as you can see one of them is hung like a horse.(Please insert probing joke here.) HA!
My husband and I have split. 
  I'm doing just fine. I found a nice way to release my tension.
In my spare time I have been working on turning my 14 year old son into one of my evil robot minions.
And I have been trying to figure out why my bananas are leaving me strange messages.

I also just finished a HUGE art installation project. I started it at the end of May and sent it off to my client on the 17th of August. She is so awesome to work with, just a great sense of humor and a total sweetie. It really was a wonderful experience and I can't wait to share with everybody. As soon as I get the word I'll post some pic's.
I also submitted a couple of my quirky filet crochet doily designs to the Cooperative Press Fresh Designs call for submissions. Mk Carrol is one of the editors and sent me an email asking me to submit. Very cool to get asked by the editor! If you want to submit a design yourself just click the link above for more info. I think the deadline for submissions is the 2nd of September. So get in while you can.

Also working on getting some more skull scarves up in my Etsy shop in time for Halloween. I'm looking forward to being a Cryptkeeper this October for The Countdown to Halloween blog-a-thon. It will be all Halloween all the time here at Wicked Crochet this October. I absolutely LOVE Halloween and can't wait for it to get here!
Hopefully I will be finishing up my filet crochet BRAIN doily sometime this week. This will be adorably weird when I get done. So look for pic's soon!

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  1. "The word."

    Ok, now post some pics!!!!

    (Seriously, glad to see you're spirits are remaining high and that very good things are happening in the art department, at least!)