Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Pervert Doily

Pervert on the blocking board

Beautiful Lace Work

Detail of lace edging


Because Perverts want to be classy too. Brand new custom demented doily.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Crochet Or Die

I haven't done a blog post in forever but I figured my bad ass crochet tattoo deserved it. A huge thank you to Joey Taylor at Sacred Art Tattoo here in Corvallis for doing such a kick ass job on my new ink. I have wanted to do a crochet related  tattoo for ages and Joey came up with this fantastic artwork for me. I love it!

Monday, May 7, 2012


I have decided to protest against Etsy and my shop will be closed May 10th to show solidarity and support for genuine handmade goods. Etsy is allowing too many mass producers and resellers on their site. Etsy began as a site for GENUINE handmade items and small shops aren't able to compete with these mass sellers. If you have an Etsy shop and are able to do so please show your support and put your shop on vacation mode on May 10th and join the cause. For more information please visit or become a fan on Facebook Support handmade!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Yarnie Goodness

I've acquired a bit of merino wool yarn from a farmer in Colorado and have been dyeing like crazy. It really is addicting and so fun to do. 
Introducing my hand dyed yarn for Bad Ass knitters and crocheters.

 I call this color Burning Inside. A smoldering self striping yarn in variegating oranges and yellows. A pyromaniacs favorite color

 Killer Clown. This yarn is a creepy self striping rainbow of pink, blue, yellow, green, and purple. Are you afraid of clowns? You should be.

Hypothermia. This yarn starts out a frosty light blue and gradually darkens to a deep frozen arctic blue. Self Striping. Baby it's cool.

I call this color ACID TEST. A neon green and variegating purple self striping yarn sure to give you flashbacks. 
Atomic Vomit. This yarn is a nausea inducing shade of bright green. So Awesome you'll want to puke.
Hand dyed by me with food grade colors. This 100% worsted weight merino wool yarn is warm and fabulous to work with. This is a gorgeous yarn with great stitch definition.
Visit my Etsy shop for more info on my cool new yarns.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Victorian Inspired Chokers

I just love the beauty and mystic of the Victorian Era. I was inspired to make these little Victorian Mourning Chokers a few weeks ago. Made with #10 crochet thread and a #7 hook and I even added fancy ribbon to a few.  

 Work In Progress

 Ivory choker finished.
 Close up of sage green choker.
 All four completed
I love the edging on the skulls!

All chokers tie simply in a bow around the neck. I should have these babies up in my Etsy shop sometime in the next week for $15.00 each.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Fresh Designs Crochet Series

I am so excited that one of my delightfully demented crochet creations will be making an appearance at a bookstore near you this spring.

My pattern will be featured in the Fresh Designs Crochet series home edition published by Cooperative Press. The lovely and talented MK Carrol is the series editor and talked me into submitting a design and what do you know...they liked it! I can guarantee you wont see another pattern like this in any other craft book out there. It is definitely one of a kind.
I'm going to give you a little sneak peek at my project. I can only let you see a small swatch. But hopefully that will make you crocheters out there curious enough to buy the book.

It is one of my filet crochet designs and is creepy awesome! 
One cool thing about designing for a book is the free yarn. Or thread in my case. I got some Garden Cotton Thread by Nazli Gelin from Universal Yarn. It's great thread to work with and comes in tons of colors.

I will let everybody know when the book will be available for purchase. You can keep up to date on my progress and everyday BS on my Wicked Crochet Facebook fan page. Follow me if you want to live.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Just for Fun

Some Cool Old Crochet Photos I Found

Anarchy in the UK. 
Queen Victoria crocheting instead of knitting. 1889

Go Ahead. Make My Granny Square Vest.
Clint Eastwood in a Playboy fashion spread 1971.