Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Horror Dolls

 Over at Daph's Dark Little Corner I won a horror doll in her Valentines Day give-away. When she e-mailed me she was interested in making a trade for my Wisteria Skull Scarf so how could I resist getting 2 awesome horror dolls. I was so excited when I received my wonderfully creepy dolls in the mail today. All of Daph's dollies are hand made in a wonderfully creepy primitive style. I know these dolls are great because my kids are terrified of them, which makes me love them even more.
My creepy horror dollies and me.

Here's a full view of the Banshee Horror Doll. For those of you who don't know a banshee is an Irish spirit who appears and begins to wail horribly when someone is about to die. 

A close up view of Mort the Mortician Horror Doll. I even made up a lovely poem for him.
An Ode to Mort
Mort the Mortician liked to work in the kitchen
stitching up corpses all day.
But his wife the beautician didn't like his decision 
and had poor old Mort blown away. 

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