Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Skull A Day

I was totally blown away that my Momento Mori Scarf was featured on the Skull a Day Blog on Wednesday November 10th. To be among all the wonderful and talented artists featured on this great site is definitely such an honor for me. Just to have my work recognized boggles my mind.
Unfortunately crochet is not usually considered an art form but that is hopefully changing for the better. There are many dedicated crochet artists out there who are changing perceptions about the art of crochet. Gwen over at Crochet Queen: Royal Ramblings is one of my favorite bloggers and a great designer and artist. She inspires me to keep the hook held high and be proud of my chosen artistic endeavor. Another artist I just love is Shauna Richardson. Her life-like crochet animals (Crochetdermy) are out of this world.  So remember that crochet is not just granny squares and afghans but a world of beautiful and amazing art.

 Amazing crochetdermy monkey by Shauna Richardson

Crochetkween's Crochet On A Rock With A Twist of Lime

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