Sunday, January 30, 2011

Etsy Shop is Finally Open

Yes! I finally got off my lazy ass and did it. My wonderful Etsy shop is now open for business. As of right now I only have 3 of my scarves up. I will be taking some more pictures tomorrow of a couple more skully beauties for sale. I guess a picture is worth a thousand words isn't it? Let me know what you think! I LOVE comments!!

 Please stop by my etsy shop and take a peek Give me some hearts peoples!


  1. These are SO amazing! They are all so cool and original, but the last one is my fav!

  2. Yay, congratulations...I've been waiting to see your etsy shop!
    Really amazing work...Love the the Autumn leaves Skull scarf.
    Thank you for your comment on my was a great night and we hope to have it open for another 2 weeks since so much effort went into putting it together...only problem is we have no where to eat!